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Encamp Tier2 FAQ

Encamp Tier2 is a software module on the Encamp platform. It is specifically tailored to help companies streamline their annual Tier2 compliance reporting. Encamp Tier2 makes Tier2 reporting affordable, efficient, and easy.

What is Encamp Tier2?

Encamp Tier2 leads you through a series of straightforward questions about your facility, ensuring that you get the required information added. When you've added your information, Encamp Tier2 lets you certify, submit, and pay for all your reports from a single place. This ensures that you report correctly, while avoiding the headache of navigating multiple state regulatory requirements and submission methods.

I need to complete Tier2 reporting - how does Encamp Tier2 specifically help me?

We charge a per facility fee for Tier2 reporting. Stop having to worry about making individual transactions through state portals or getting hit with hourly consulting fees – our rates are 60% lower than typical environmental consulting firms.

How much does Encamp Tier2 cost?

Encamp Tier2 completes your Tier2 reporting submissions for you to save you time and ensure accuracy. The way we do this is by syncing with your state Tier2 portals to submit your reports.

Why do I have to give you access to my state Tier2 reporting portals to use Encamp Tier2?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. We process payments through Stripe, and all transactions are 100% PCI compliant. We also provide the option for paper billing.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Fees paid to Encamp Tier2 are non-refundable. Having said that, it’s important to us that you are happy with the service. If you feel you deserve a refund, contact us. We can’t promise we’ll be able to secure a refund, but we promise to listen and take action if warranted.

What's your refund policy?

We upload your data into our secure system and add the current reporting year’s data after you have certified the information is correct. We don’t make any changes without user approval, and our software keeps a record of all changes made to your account so you can see exactly what information has been added or updated.

What do you do on my state Tier2 reporting portal?

Encamp, Inc. is a venture backed technology startup founded by Luke Jacobs, Daniel Smedema, and Sam Jacobs in 2017.

Our team has completed thousands of environmental compliance reports and built software in highly regulated spaces such as environmental compliance reporting for Fortune 10 companies and medical technology used in anesthesiology. We are backed by investors in the legal, scientific, and professional services fields, and our advisors include top legal minds and engineers from Silicon Valley.

Who created Encamp?

Encamp, Inc. is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN.

Where are we located?

Just reach out to us. We'll respond to your question as soon as possible.

Something not answered here?

We store your data on secure AWS servers, which are compliant with the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standard of data security. You can be assured you’re in good hands.

How does Encamp ensure my data is safe?

Encamp Tier2 lets you securely upload your previous Tier2 reports from Tier2Submit, so you can pick up where you left off last year. Adding and updating your data is super easy, and we store all your Tier2 reports in our secure cloud free of charge.

How do I upload my data?

When Tier2 reporting season rolls around, our software leads you through a series of questions that determines what needs to go on your Tier2 reports. The first question for every facility is whether new chemicals are being stored at your facility compared to the previous reporting year. If not, great! Just confirm that the rest of the facility information, such as emergency contacts, storage locations, and maximum quantities are still accurate and we take care of the rest.

What if I don't have any new chemicals to report?

Our software consolidates all your billing, so whether you report in one state or 20, you’ll only have to make one payment. We provide an itemized invoice detailing state fees and our fees for your records.

What about states that have their own fees for Tier2 reporting?

Encamp Tier2 makes it simple to add new chemical to your facilities. Simply add the name of the chemical and our software automatically fills in other necessary chemical information such as CAS numbers, physical states, hazard classes, and health effects for you. You will be prompted to upload your SDS's for facilities that are required to submit them.

What if I do have new chemicals to report?

Once you have entered in your data for a report, you review and certify right in Encamp Tier2. After that, Encamp Tier2 submits your reports to the required SERCs, LEPCs, and FDs, consolidates your billing information for each submission, and provides records that you can download or view in your Encamp Document Repository.

How do I certify my reports?

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Encamp is on a mission to create a world where good for business is good for the environment. By making the most complicated environmental reporting tasks fast, simple, and accurate, Encamp is reimagining environmental compliance, data management, and risk-minimization for modern companies. Encamp serves over 100 companies nationwide and is headquartered in Indianapolis.

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